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I've said my goodbyes, this is my sundown.

Dear Herald staff,

With the end of the year coming closer, the Herald is all winding down. We're about to send our very last issue of the year to print, and come September, a different staff will pick up where we left off.

I just want to say that I've loved every second of it. From every fight, to every late-night layout session, I wouldn't have asked for anything else. Yes, we've had hardships this year with administration, but they were merely speed bumps in our road to success. Looking back on the first issue, September 2003, I can see how much we've improved. We've improved as writers, we've improved as people, we've improved as a staff.

June 9th will be my last day in G-40. June 10th will be my last day in Churchill. That's less than one month away. I'm going to miss each and every one of you. I know in the later months, I've sort of fallen out of the friendships I once had with all of you, but I'll never forget them. To be honest, I still consider all of you to be my friends. You guys have seen me at my best and, unfortunately, my worst. While I might not have been the nicest person, you've all been amazing people to spend the year with. I'm sorry I couldn't have returned the kindness you bestowed onto me.

This will probably be the last thing I ever post in this community, for in one month, I won't be a part of the Herald staff anymore. I hope next year is a breeze for you all and I'll look forward to seeing some wonderful issues. But in the mean time, let's make this last month something really great. Let's end this year on a strong note. Because I know when I look back on my senior year, I know that newspaper is the one thing I'll be proud of more than anything else.

Love always,
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