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Hebes and how he might have screwed us over for NYC ???? Or how Mr. H is a two faced liar

I thought it you would probably like to know that Mr. Hosmen finally called my mom back. He says that Hebes should have not been planning New York in the first place because he's known since last year that we couldn't go this year. I know what Hebes told us, and Mr. H is saying this to my mom, and they might both have construed the story or there might have been a huge misunderstanding. I guess it dosen't matter not but its still interesting. Plus unless I come up with some great story to lie to tell my mom about Hebes tomorrow she is probably going to be VERY VERY PISSED at him. I can hear her now. "I just don't understand..." eh, whatever, I don't even care anymore. It's over. Done. You just had to hear this.

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